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    Beneficiaries: Handicap people
    Status: Poverty
    Age: Population in general
    Gender: Men & women
    Zone: Rural & Urban areas
    Area of Activities: Lima, Ica, Piura

    Tierra y Ser Association is a non-governmental organization that was created as an organization for welfare and cooperation. Its main objectives are to deliver the knowledge and basic tools for the execution of social projects. It focuses on areas such as education, social welfare, physical and moral wellbeing of families in high risk situations, especially children and seniors. We promote the improvement and intellectual development of children through the implementation of basic structures and employment generation in a sustainable way . We contribute to the care of the environment through reforestation, bio- gardens, and Recycling Campaigns.

    During the execution of recycling campaigns, we discovered that there are several ways to contribute the the preservation of the planet, and at the same time we learned that through doing it we could help other people through these campaigns. In this way we know that one plastic cap takes 20 years to biodegrade. If these caps are used in the manufacturing of buckets, vats, and other plastic utensils, they become very useful to recycling plants, where this product is processed.

    For this reason we decided to start the plastic caps collection campaign, collecting the caps of soft drinks, syrups, tooth paste and others. Collections are held in schools, institutions and companies, with the objective to collect a significant weight of plastic, and then formally selling it to the plastic recycling plants. With these funds, we are able to obtain wheel chairs, prosthesis, crutches and walkers. We then donate these to Medical institutions and to low-income people from Lima, Ica and Piura that suffer from serious disabilities.