Why Tierra y Ser was created:

The philosophy that distinguishes our institution, Tierra y Ser, is no more than the influence of a social consciousness and a different vision of the world due to our upbringing. Since an early age our mother Mrs. Lily Cuculiza de Schaefer showed us moral values such as love, respect, union, solidarity, good will and responsibility. Until now these values prevail in us. We grew up surrounded by the humble, the needy and the sick. We were inspired greatly by the noble social work that our mother developed on a daily basis, not only hosting abandoned children in our own home, raising them as if they were our own siblings, but also through her work as President of the Northern Region of the Red Cross. She continually participated in providing aid during natural disasters and also during the military action in the War with Ecuador.

Thanks to the day to day lessons, we learned that the worst sin we can live with is the indifference towards poverty, and injustice. We know that the best attitude we could have towards these inhuman acts, is to fight tirelessly to help as much people as possible to overcome their ills with as much honesty and transparency that we can demonstrate in our work.

Our main philosophy is to set an example with our actions and to prove that we can improve conditions if we do all with professionalism, honesty and love.